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Belladonna Filigree Ring

Belladonna Filigree Ring

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A serene fusion of nature's poetry and artistry. Delicately floating flowers from distant shores, caressed by the desolate winter wind, open a chapter of elegance. The silver-burnt white carvings gracefully form petals, evolving from a meeting with time, fading to bright silver. The hollow design, far from mundane, adds a touch of sophistication. Let the flowers of the other shore bloom gently at your fingertips, eloquently speaking the language of nature.


Brand:Maverick Eden

Product Code:ME2024004

Product NAME:Belladonna Filigree Ring

Materials:S925/silver burnishing



Clean with soft cloth

Store in an air-tight jewelry box

Remove before going to bed

Do not wear while exercising

Do not contract with any chemicals

Avoid bathing/swimming

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