About Us


Founded in 2022, “Maverick” typically refers to non-traditional, unconventional individuals, emphasizing innovation and individuality. Meanwhile, “Eden” is usually associated with paradises, heav- ens, and the beauty of nature. “Maverick Eden”, aims to convey a non-traditional, creative, and beautiful collection of accessories that evoke a place full of vitality and beauty. It appeals to consumers seeking unique accessories who believe like us that true style emerges from staying true to oneself.

Nestled within our dedicated factory is the artistry of crafting exquisite jewelry, elevating the essence of our accessory production. Maverick Eden stands as a beacon of distinction, garnering acclaim in the discerning Chinese market. Renowned for our unparalleled craftsmanship and avant-garde designs, our creations have found favor among celebrities and artists alike, adding a touch of allure and sophistication to the realms of style and elegance.



Designer Lin Li was born in Shanghai and currently resides in Toronto, Canada. She pursued a seven-year fashion design education in Shanghai and San Francisco. After graduating, she collaborated with independent Canadian designer brands to establish a Shanghai-based studio. It was during this period that she was deeply drawn to the world of jewelry design.

Recognizing the proliferation of similar designs in the market under various designer brands, she made a resolute decision to venture into the field of jewelry design and founded MAVERICK EDEN. Influenced by her background in fashion design, Lin brings a unique perspective to the structural aspects of jewelry. She uses structural lines to semi-abstract tangible elements within delicate and compact jewelry, achieving a balance between conflict and harmony. Lin firmly believes that while innovation is crucial in successful jewelry design, comfort and product quality are equally paramount.