About us

At Maverick Eden, we pride ourselves on crafting original designer jewelry, primarily made from thick-plated 18K white or yellow gold.

Each piece undergoes a rigorous quality assurance process, ensuring you receive only the finest craftsmanship.

Our commitment to excellence means that every design takes time to perfect, resulting in limited quantities of each unique creation.

Explore our collection and discover the artistry and elegance that define Maverick Eden.


Crossflower Necklace

Thick Rhodium-Plated/cubic zirconia

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Butterfly Waltz Earrings

Think Rhodium-Plated / Fresh Water Pearl

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Geometric Floral Harmony

Silver Geometric Blossom Ring

925 Sterling Silver with 999 Silver Plating / Nano Coating

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‘Meteor,’ inspired by the current season’s essence. Embracing a neutral, futuristic, and minimalist aesthetic, we embark on a journey to explore extraterrestrial civilizations.Drawing from the linear contours of spaceships and stars,we fuse these elements with the enigmatic allure of gemstones, bringing a sense of the future to your fingertips and neckline. ‘Limitless Meteorite’ promises a refreshing touch to your everyday style with its sleek and sophisticated design.

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